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Fresh and Clean Laundry with a Wonderful Fragrance

Daia is a well-established brand in the household cleaning industry, known for its high-quality and perfume-scented detergent and softeners. Daia’s detergent line has become a trusted choice for households in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Daia’s product range includes a variety of formulations designed to tackle different cleaning needs, from removing stubborn stains to keeping clothes fresh and clean.

With a commitment to quality and performance, Daia continues to be a top choice for consumers seeking effective and reliable cleaning solutions for their everyday needs. Daia SMART liquid detergent, detergent powder and perfume-scented softeners are available in Singapore. Daia is also well-known for its Softegent – a combination of softener and detergent – making laundry cleaning even easier with this 2 in 1 formula. Daia household products are mostly gentle on hands, do not require soaking and are suitable for indoor drying. 

Daia household products are available at major supermarkets and online on Redmart and Shopee.

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