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Fruit Plus

The All-Time Favourite Chewy Candy

Fruit Plus chewy candy is a delightful and mouth-watering treat that is soft and chewy in texture. Fruit Plus is a popular choice among both young and old for their delectable taste and satisfying chewiness. Fruit Plus comes in a variety of fruit-inspired flavours such as apple, blackcurrant, mango and more, ensuring there’s a flavour for everyone to enjoy.

Some other family brands include the Salt Plus and Fizzy candies. Both come with a burst of flavours of salty sweetness and fizzy sensation respectively.

Fruit Plus, Salt Plus and Fizzy candies are distributed in Singapore by Sheng Sheng F&B and are available at major supermarkets, convenience stores and online on Redmart and Shopee.

Fruit Plus, Salt Plus and Fizzy candies are all certified Halal.

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