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Wong Lo Kat 王老吉

Iconic Chinese Herbal Tea

Wang Lao Ji, also known as Wong Lo Kat, holds a revered status as a prominent herbal tea brand originating from China, with a legacy dating back over a century. Renowned for its distinctive blend of traditional Chinese herbs, this iconic beverage embodies a harmonious fusion of culture and wellness.

Wang Lao Ji is celebrated for its cooling properties, making it a popular choice in Chinese culture, especially in warmer climates like Singapore. Infused with a combination of time-honoured herbs, including chrysanthemum and licorice, Wang Lao Ji not only delights the palate with its refreshing taste but also carries a historical significance deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Wang Lao Ji are available at major supermarkets, neighbourhood stores and online on Redmart and Shopee.

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