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Ice Cool

Beverages & Food Staples of Quality and Variety

Ice Cool offers a wide range of refreshments and food staples to suit your every need. Quench your thirst with Singapore’s best-selling young coconut juice or the tropical nature’s gift of 100% natural coconut water, we have got something for everyone.

Ice Cool drinks caters to diverse preferences, where every sip is a burst of refreshment that invigorates your senses. Beat the Singapore heat with our star beverage of 100% natural coconut water or choose among the wide range of heritage Asian drinks from rose bandung to chrysanthemum drink. Whether you’re looking for a crisp, sparkling soda, a fruity burst of flavour, or a classic, timeless taste, Ice Cool has it all!

Ice Cool canned food and fruits provides ease & affordability for our wide range of customer base. Made with quality ingredients without compromising on quality, Ice Cool canned food and fruit serves as a convenient option for daily meals or even parties.

As our first and best recognised brand, Ice Cool has been a household brand in Singapore and the region for more than 30 years. With Sheng Sheng’s wide distribution network, the Ice Cool brand has flown its wings beyond Asia to middle eastern countries like UAE and Qatar. Within Singapore, Ice Cool drinks and canned food can be found in major supermarkets like FairPrice and Cold Storage, in convenience stores as well as popular e-commerce platforms like Redmart and Shopee.

All Ice Cool beverages are certified Healthier Choice and all Ice Cool products are certified Halal.

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