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Nature’s pure & sweet nectar in a fizzy soda

Indulge in the natural goodness of honey in a sparkling soda. With a harmonious blend of natural sweetness and refreshing effervescence, Vitabee offers a unique and indulgent beverage experience. Each sip tantalizes the taste buds with the distinct flavour profile of honey, creating a beverage that is both satisfyingly sweet and refreshingly crisp.

Whether enjoyed on its own or a versatile mixer in cocktails, Vitabee is the perfect choice for those seeking a flavourful alternative to traditional carbonated beverages. Embrace the natural goodness of honey with Vitabee, a sparkling sensation that promises to elevate any occasion with its delightful taste and undeniable charm. Vitabee is available in sparkling honey and sparkling honey lemon.

Vitabee is certified Healthier Choice and Halal.

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