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About OEM Division

Member of the ICE COOL group of companies

Step into the dynamic realm of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) division specializing in canned drinks.


As a pivotal player in the beverage industry, our company’s OEM division takes pride in crafting customized solutions for canning operations. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we provide the right solutions tailored to meet the unique specifications of our partners. Whether it’s the production of ready-to-drink (RTD) carbonated beverages, refreshing juices, or specialty drinks, our OEM division is dedicated to delivering high-quality, turnkey solutions that elevate the canned drinks market.


Unleash the potential of your beverage brand with our expertise in canning technology, where every sip embodies precision and perfection.

Types of Beverages


Cola, Orange, Soda Water, China Apple, Peach Cola, Coffee Cola etc.



Soya Bean, Grass Jelly, Chrysanthemum Tea, Energy drinks, Coffee, etc.



Beverage Formulations


We can formulate existing or new formula

We can cater to your company’s existing formulation

All OEM project information are protected with a non-disclosure agreement

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